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Market in Gorgopi

A Drop in the Ocean receives a large amount of donations in terms clothing, shoes and equipment, that we distribute to the refugees. Most is divided between the different refugee camps, but a small portion of the donated clothes are deemed to be unfit for the people that we a primarily seeking to help.

As Atle demonstrates here, sandals depicting half naked woman are not necessarily appropriate for a refugee.
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We are therefore glad to see that someone can benefit from the leftover items. In Gorgopi, a small village in Northern Greece, A Drop in the Ocean has organised a market where we hand out leftover items to those in need. Like the rest of Greece, Gorgopi has been severely affected by the economic downturn. The unemployment rate high, and people struggle to make ends meet.

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Volunteers from A Drop in the Ocean were well received by the locals, and many stopped by to say hello. A man was sent home with two bags filled with baby clothes. His wife is expecting twins, a boy and a girl.

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A Drop in the Ocean does regularly arrange markets in Gorgobi. This is an excellent way to reach out to the locals, and inform them about the work we do in Nea Kavala refugee camp, not far from the village.



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    Mel Ostrander says

    Great idea and an excellent way to show a bit of love for the locals.

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