Dagbladet (Norwegian newspaper) 3.9.2019: Children are killing other children in European refugee camps.

Regarding the incident on August 24th, where a child was murdered by another child in Moria refugee camp. Written by Trude Jacobsen (in Norwegian).

TV 2, Nyhetskanalen, 29.7, 2019

Our Site Coordinator reports from Skaramagas on the Norwegian News

Dagbladet (Norwegian newspaper) 27.7, 2019, My only contribution was my 25-years experience of being a mother

Read more about Inger Sverreason Holme’s experiences and reflections as a voluntary fieldworker at Lesvos (in Norwegian). 

Adresseavisen (Norwegian newspaper), 17.7.2019, The flow of refugees is a common responsibility

Ottar Michelsen was a voluntary fieldworker in Lesvos in May 2019. Read more about his reflections here (in Norwegian).

Vestnytt, 22.4.2019, Joakim collects thousands of NOKs to help refugees

Read more about it here (in Norwegian)

Tønsbergs Blad (Norwegian newspaper), 2.4.2019, Atmospheric concert to support refugees
Local artists showed their support for refugees in Tønsberg Cathedral. The proceeds of the concert went to A Drop in the Ocean. Read more about it here (in Norwegian). 

Tønsbergs Blad (Norwegian newspaper), 29.3.2019, Christina is arranging a concert to help detained refugees

Read more about it here (in Norwegian)

Appell (Magazine by the Norwegian People’s Aid),1 2019, Voluntary aid work at the outskirts of the European Borders

Heidi Mogstad, a voluntary fieldworker with A Drop in the Ocean, has written about the inhumane conditions at Lesvos and the work A Drop in the Ocean do to create a space of relief for people on the run (in Norwegian).

Bergensmagasinet (Norwegian magazine), 25.2 2019, Solidarity concert at the local pub

Dr. Wiesener arrange a full day festival on Saturday to support the people at Lesvos, consisting of different artists and entertainment. The day consisted of serving food from the Middle East, presentations, a flee market, face painting, and a raffle. All proceeds went to A Dtop in the Ocean. (Written in Norwegian)  

Østlandsposten (Norwegian newspaper), 20.2 2019, A life with everyday life, culture, and playfulness in photos

Read more about the exhibition “Pictures from Syria” by photographer Peter Lukas, where all the proceeds goes to A Drop in the Ocean (in Norwegian).

Vårt Land (Norwegian newspaper), Creates a breathing space for refugees

Ole Lars Strønen planned everything meticulously. He retired from his job as a principal and travelled as a voluntary fieldworker to Lesvos. Read more about his experiences here (in Norwegian).

Hjemmet (Norwegian magazine), Week 6, 2019

“Retiree Kirsten works in a refugee camp”. This is an interview with Kirsten Falkung regarding her experiences as working in the field with A Drop in the Ocean (in Norwegian).Pensjonisten Kirsten jobber i flyktningleirer.”

NRK P2 (Norwegian radio), 10.2, 2019: What’s going on?

The refugee crisis in Greece is a humanitarian crisis (in Norwegian)

NRK P2 (Norwegian radio), 24.1 2019: EKKO

To surive in the outskirts of the European Union’s border. Is is possible for a person who cannot travel freely, and who are living in contant fear under inhuman conditions, to ever become whole again? Trude Jacobsen, Secretary General of A Drop in the Ocean converses with Pål Nesse, from the Norwegian Refugee Council. 

Dagsavisen (Norwegian newspaper), 22.1 2019: Politican-made humanitarian crisis in Greece

Norway must take initiative to evacuate the most vulnerable refugees from Lesvos. Written by Turid Lilleheie, Chair of the Board at A Drop in the Ocean (in Norwegian)

NRK P1 (Norwegian radio), 15.1 2019: The situation in Greece

The situation in Greece (in Norwegian) 

Vårt Land (Norwegian newspaper), 14.1 2019: “Retrieve refugees from Lesvos and bring them to Norway”

This about the conditions at Greek Islands and find a solution: to establish an air-bridge by removing refugees from Greece and distribute them amongst European countries.

Agenda Magasin (Norwegian magazine), 15.1.2019: Let us be angry together

A letter from Lesvos, regarding the New Year Speech given by Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Written by Heidi Mogstad (in Norwegian). 

Klassekampen (Norwegian newspaper), 11.1.2019: Wake up, Norway

Voluntary Norwegian health personnel raises concerns regarding the conditions at Lesvos. The NGO A Drop in the Ocean asks for an evacuation of the island (in Norwegian).

ABC Nyheter, (Norwegian newsoutlet) 11.1.2019. The refugee crisis is not over, it has gotten worse
Norwegian doctors are raising concerns after visiting refugee camps. Marte Valle, with doctor Hanne Hazslein-Lossius, anesthesiologist Anne Cecilie Tvedten and Secretary General of A Drop in the Ocean Trude Jacobsen, is sounding the alarm regarding the conditions in Moria refugee camp, located in Lesvos (in Norwegian).

Legekunsten tidsskrift nr 4 2018/19 (Norwegian journal of doctors): “Norway should be a leading example as a humanitarian world power”, “from hope to hopelessness”, “the system has collapsed and Europe must engage”, and “brought his wife and kids on holiday to help refugees”

An interview with Hanne Heszlein-Lossius and Trude Jacobsen regarding the humanitarian conditions, the collape of the system, and how Europe must engage. Additionnally, an interview with Lars Bremnes and his familiy who volunteered in Skaramagas in the autumn of 2018 (in Norwegian).

Dagsavisen (Norwegian newspaper), October 2018. The situation in Greece has once again reached its breaking point.

Read more about the situation in Greece and the living situation for 65 000 refugees (in Norwegian).

TV 2 Nyhetskanalen (Norwegian news channel), 2018. The situation on Lesvos, Greece.

Interview with Trude regarding the situation on Lesvos, Greece, with focus on the living conditions in Moria refugee camp (in Norwegian).

The Power of International Education (IIE PEER), 2018: Reaching Higher in Greece: A Refugee Pathway toward European Higher Education

Charlotte Evans is a fellow in the one-year WISE Learners’ Voice Program.  She writes of her time in Skaramagas refugee camp in Athens, Greece, where she explored higher education viability and pathways for college-ready refugees in country.

Fosna-folket (local Norwegian newspaper), 2018: from a good atmosphere to despair and frustration

Read more about the twins Tone Jøssund and Siv Grøteides experiences in their travel letter from Skaramagas here (in Norwegian).

Strandbuen Avis (local Norwegian newspaper), 20.4.2018: A daily life on the run

Read more about Linda Tungland’s work as a voluntary fieldworker in the refugee camp in Skaramagas, Athens (in Norwegian).

Grimstad Adressetidende (local Norwegian newspaper), 26.03.2018: More grateful for what I have

Read about Mari Therese Myrstad’s (31) work as a voluntary fieldworker in the refugee camp in Skaramagas (in Norwegian). 

Bistandsaktuelt (Norwegian magazine), 27.2.2018: They have recruited 4800 volunteers to help refugees.

Read about A Drop in the Ocean’s work with recruiting volunteers and their participation in the Facebook Communities Summit in London here (in Norwegian). 

News deeply, 21.2.18: What grassroots groups can teach us about smart aid

Read about our Drop Shop and the App that has been developed by A Drop in the Ocean here. 

God morgen Norge (Norwegian TV), 18.12.17: Coaches refugees

Yngvar Andersen travelled to Greece to help refugees exercise with what they got (in Norwegian).

NRK.no (Norwegian newspaper), 06.12.17: “Puls Yngvar” is going to Greece to coach refugees

 Yngvar Andersen, a Norwegian person trainer, has spent several years training Norwegians. Now he is Greece to train people in refugee camps (in Norwegian).

VG.no (Norwegian newspaper), 06.06.17: Refugees on Chios are witnessing suicides

One in three refugees on Chios states that they have witnessed suicides on the island.

NRK P3 (Norwegian radio), 02.02.17: Christmas in Greece

Listen to the moving documentary “Christmas in Greece” (in Norwegian).

Øyene (local Norwegian newspaper), 12.12.16: She travelled to be of help

Reas about Isabellas journey here (in Norwegian).

Aftenposten.no (Norwegian newspaper), 24.10.2016: Norway’s refugee target hasd been reached. The strictest in Europe!

A feature article written by Secretary General Trude Jacobsen (in Norwegian). 

Dagsavisenfremtiden.no (Norwegian newspaper), 18.10.2016: A chapter of shame

Turid Lilleheie felt horrible coming home after spending three months in the refugee camp on Chios (in Norwegian).

Fremmed.no (Norwegian website), 09.01.2016: She quit her job – now she helps refugees on a full-time basis

After witnessing the refugee crisis on Greece with her own eyes, Trude Jacobsen (45) chose to leave “the world’s greates job” – to help the refugees (in Norwegian).

Fremmed.no (Norwegian website), 31.01.2017: This is not how the life of a six-year old is supposed to unfold

The article series “The Norwegian Aid Workers” continues with Rebecka Misje Takle’s story. She explains why she decided to travel to Greece, and her role with A Drop in the Ocean.

TV2.no (Norwegian news channel), 31.05.2016: Aid worker picked up a baby that had drowned in the Mediterranean Ocean

– It is horrible and equally heartbreaking each time I see a picture of this kind. It seems like there are going to be a lot more deaths this year than last year, which is saying quite a bit as the death count last year was extremely high. More than three thousand drowned, says Trude Jacobsen, Secretary General, to TV2 (in Norwegian).

VG.no (Norwegian newspaper), 03.09.2015: Trude (44) is nominated for an award for her heroism by the Mediterranean Ocean

Nominated for the “Norwegian heroes” Award (in Norwegian).

Fanaposten (local Norwegian newspaper), 18.04.2016: At home we are worried about how the children are doing at school (…)

Refugees are living under horrible conditions, says Anne Dybevåg. She used her Easter holiday to help children and adults in the refugee camp Vial with distributing food, sanitary products, clothes, shoes, and comforting words (in Norwegian).

TV2.no (Norwegian newspaper), 04.04.2016: Norwegian volunteers witnessed the Turkey-deportations

It felt like a funeral. Absolutely terrible (in Norwegian).

VG.no (Norwegian newspaper), 01.09.2015: Trude (44) is helping refugees ashore on a Greek island

A heavily pregnant Syrian woman walks ashore on the island of Lesvos after a dangerous trip across the Mediterranean Ocean. Her water has broken, but no doctor or ambulance are willing to help her.

DN.no (Norwegian newspaper), 04.04.2016: Left Norway to help refugees in Greece

90 aid organisations are working on the Greek island Lesvos. The Schengen agreement is creaking at its joints, whilst Lisbeth Sagen Lundin and her family are on patrol along the shore (in Norwegian). 

NRK Sogn og Fjordane (local Norwegian news), 05.02.2017: The proceeds of VEKAO goes to “A Drop in the Ocean”

Thursday 16 February will the students in Sogndal arrange an auction. The proceeds will be donated to “A Drop in the Ocean”, who works to help refugees in Greece (in Norwegian).

VG (Norwegian news), 14.12.2016: Refugee mother on «The bad memories from Syria emerged when we were being attacked»

Greek right-wing extremists threw rocks and molotows at the camp, which brought back many difficult memories for Randa (25), who is Syrian and witnessed a child being killed (in Norwegian). 

NRK (Norwegian television) 26.11.2016: A Drop in the Ocean on the talkshow “Lindmo”

Lindmo (in Norwegian).

Stormberg.no (Norwegian company’s website), 07.05.2016: From Facebook engagement to 1200 volunteers

A Drop in the Ocean won 100.000 NOK from Stormberg this week, but what do they actually do? We had a conversation with Secretary General Trude Jacobsen, who is currently working day and night in the port town Pireus outside of Athens (in Norwegian). 

TV2 Østjylland (Danish news), 23.07.17: Louise fro, Randers spends her three-week holiday in a refugee camp

27-year old Louise Svensson has chosen to spend a large part of her Summer holiday in an alternative location – in a refugee camp in Greece (in Danish).