Selected media coverage 2016

VG (Norwegian news), 14.12.2016: Refugee mother on «The bad memories from Syria emerged when we were being attacked»

Greek right-wing extremists threw rocks and molotows at the camp, which brought back many difficult memories for Randa (25), who is Syrian and witnessed a child being killed (in Norwegian). 

Øyene (local Norwegian newspaper), 12.12.16: She travelled to be of help

Reas about Isabellas journey here (in Norwegian).

NRK (Norwegian television) 26.11.2016: A Drop in the Ocean on the talkshow “Lindmo”

Lindmo (in Norwegian). (Norwegian newspaper), 24.10.2016: Norway’s refugee target hasd been reached. The strictest in Europe!

A feature article written by Secretary General Trude Jacobsen (in Norwegian). (Norwegian newspaper), 18.10.2016: A chapter of shame

Turid Lilleheie felt horrible coming home after spending three months in the refugee camp on Chios (in Norwegian). (Norwegian news channel), 31.05.2016: Aid worker picked up a baby that had drowned in the Mediterranean Ocean

– It is horrible and equally heartbreaking each time I see a picture of this kind. It seems like there are going to be a lot more deaths this year than last year, which is saying quite a bit as the death count last year was extremely high. More than three thousand drowned, says Trude Jacobsen, Secretary General, to TV2 (in Norwegian). (Norwegian company’s website), 07.05.2016: From Facebook engagement to 1200 volunteers

A Drop in the Ocean won 100.000 NOK from Stormberg this week, but what do they actually do? We had a conversation with Secretary General Trude Jacobsen, who is currently working day and night in the port town Pireus outside of Athens (in Norwegian). 

Fanaposten (local Norwegian newspaper), 18.04.2016: At home we are worried about how the children are doing at school (…)

Refugees are living under horrible conditions, says Anne Dybevåg. She used her Easter holiday to help children and adults in the refugee camp Vial with distributing food, sanitary products, clothes, shoes, and comforting words (in Norwegian). (Norwegian newspaper), 04.04.2016: Norwegian volunteers witnessed the Turkey-deportations

It felt like a funeral. Absolutely terrible (in Norwegian). (Norwegian newspaper), 04.04.2016: Left Norway to help refugees in Greece

90 aid organisations are working on the Greek island Lesvos. The Schengen agreement is creaking at its joints, whilst Lisbeth Sagen Lundin and her family are on patrol along the shore (in Norwegian). (Norwegian website), 09.01.2016: She quit her job – now she helps refugees on a full-time basis

After witnessing the refugee crisis on Greece with her own eyes, Trude Jacobsen (45) chose to leave “the world’s greates job” – to help the refugees (in Norwegian).