Selected media coverage 2017

God morgen Norge (Norwegian TV), 18.12.17: Coaches refugees

Yngvar Andersen travelled to Greece to help refugees exercise with what they got (in Norwegian). (Norwegian newspaper), 06.12.17: “Puls Yngvar” is going to Greece to coach refugees

 Yngvar Andersen, a Norwegian person trainer, has spent several years training Norwegians. Now he is Greece to train people in refugee camps (in Norwegian).

TV2 Østjylland (Danish news), 23.07.17: Louise fro, Randers spends her three-week holiday in a refugee camp

27-year old Louise Svensson has chosen to spend a large part of her Summer holiday in an alternative location – in a refugee camp in Greece (in Danish). (Norwegian newspaper), 06.06.17: Refugees on Chios are witnessing suicides

One in three refugees on Chios states that they have witnessed suicides on the island.

NRK Sogn og Fjordane (local Norwegian news), 05.02.2017: The proceeds of VEKAO goes to “A Drop in the Ocean”

Thursday 16 February will the students in Sogndal arrange an auction. The proceeds will be donated to “A Drop in the Ocean”, who works to help refugees in Greece (in Norwegian).

NRK P3 (Norwegian radio), 02.02.17: Christmas in Greece

Listen to the moving documentary “Christmas in Greece” (in Norwegian). (Norwegian website), 31.01.2017: This is not how the life of a six-year old is supposed to unfold

The article series “The Norwegian Aid Workers” continues with Rebecka Misje Takle’s story. She explains why she decided to travel to Greece, and her role with A Drop in the Ocean.