Meet Shereen – volunteer and resident in Skaramangas Refugee Camp

“I have learned a lot by volunteering. My English skills have skyrocketed and I am actually teaching some English classes now. It was actually my dream as a child to become a teacher and now I am one.” – Shereen, volunteer for A Drop in the Ocean and resident in Skaramangas Refugee Camp

kvinne med clipboard og id-kort

“My name is Shereen and I am Kurdish from Syria. One day around eight months ago I was walking around the camp and I saw some international people around the library. I was wondering who are these people and what are they doing here. I asked my friend and she told me that they are volunteers who provide different services for the people in Skaramagas. I walked into the library and spoke to a coordinator and asked if I could be a volunteer as well.

I have learned a lot about European people and their culture. A Drop in the Ocean also arranged a workshop where I learned how to behave when I visit Western families and how the gender relationships are different in the West. I find it very interesting!

Shereen at “work” as a volunteer in Skaramangas Refugee Camp

Now I also know how to make appointments and I know how to communicate with people in a positive way. A Drop in the Ocean also helped me to make my first CV. They trained me about how I can apply for a job in the future.

My favorite activities are teaching English and working in the Drop Shop. I also enjoy doing excursions with the women in the camp, it makes me really happy!

I would like to thank A Drop in the Ocean for giving me more confidence! Now I believe in myself more than before! “

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