Music festival supporting children forced to flee

Many musicians have been moved by the difficult situation for children stuck in refugee camps in Greece. Now they want to support the cause by playing music for free, while supporting the non-profit organisation A Drop in the Ocean and their work to help refugees in Greece.


Several Norwegian musicians, such as the international top ensemble 1B1, Arve Tellefsen, Ane Brun, Sivert Høyem, DumDum Boys, Maj Britt Andersen, Kjetil Bjerkestrand, Arghavan Agida, Kari Svendsen, Lars Klevstrand and Knut Reiersrud Band will hold concerts for a non-profit digital music festival with revenues going to the aid organization A Drop in the Ocean, supporting refugees in Greece. The music festival also encourages politicians in Norway to relocate some of the most vulnerable children to Norway. Last year over 170.000 refugees arrived in Greece. Now over 20.000 people are living in Moria camp on Lesvos, under terrible conditions. With the Corona pandemic the conditions could deteriorate further.

The festival will start on Friday May 8th, and last until Sunday May 10th.

“The situation in Greece is extremely difficult and deteriorates due to the Covid-19 situation”, says Trude Jacobsen, Secretary General of A Drop in the Ocean.

“Keeping social distancing is practically impossible. Camp residents need to stand in crowded lines for hours each day to get food, and to clean hands is not possible when 1.300 people share one tap. It’s amazing to see so many people wanting to help – Norwegian artists show their solidarity with the most vulnerable ones in a time where many have lost their jobs, this shows us a feeling of responsibility reaching far beyond Norway’s borders.”

Three days of highlights

The initiators to the festival are Erling Johansen and the photographer Roar Vestad. Together with working to accommodate cooperation between musicians and humanitarian organisations, the international top ensemble 1B1 and the concert promoter Klassisk i sentrum, they want to make an effort for children in refugee camps.

“This has been incredibly fun, and there is an engagement that we could only dream of! We believe more people have been provoked by the Governments lack of will to help people forced to flee,” says Vestad and Johansen.

They have, together with an experienced production team, been working hard to set a production for unique cultural experiences at home, while people can also support a good cause.

Without Government support

A Drop in the Ocean have been present in Greece since 2015, and have followed the developments in the refugee camps closely. For an organisation who does not receive any financial support from the Government, it means a lot when musicians play gratuitously. Although the organisation has temporarily suspended the usual activities due to Covid-19, they have a small team present in Greece.

“A Drop in the Ocean has bought more than 20.000 surgical face masks, and distributed hundreds of litres with hand sanitizer to clinics and hospitals”, says Trude Jacobsen.

She expresses a strong desire that the organisation will soon be present in the refugee camps to continue their vital activities.

The concerts are available for free in the days of the festal. People attending the festival are encouraged to support A Drop in the Ocean through Vipps, Spleis or Ticketmaster. It’s also possible to donate through paypal.

For further information and/or interview requests:

Sidsel Aas, +47 91 34 77 46,
Erling Johansen, + 47 47 17 22 16,