New Year Greetings from Trude Jacobsen

A year has passed. Not just any year, but the year when migration to Europe began in earnest. 2015 is the year in which so many of you have actively contributed to a better world. One that in the future will be referred to as The Year of Volunteers. The volunteers opened their arms where the authorities closed their borders. The volunteers provide emergency relief, warmth and care where several of the well-established, the professional, long have stood paralyzed on the sidelines.

Our own little organization was born from a single journey in late August, completely unplanned, but my word how necessary! Imagine, it was only four months ago! In less than four months, we have had 561 aid workers on Lesvos, Chios, Athens, Macedonia and Turkey!  Every one of these people have made a big difference for the many they have helped along the way. I do not think it is possible for us here in safe Norway to understand how much a friendly smile in a safe country means, after having lived in fear of bombs for years. Or the feeling of a warm hug after escaping a dark, cold sea and cynical traffickers.

I am incredibly proud of everyone’s efforts both at home and abroad. You have helped to shape history. You have shown that even a small drop can make a big difference where there are enough! We know little for certain about what awaits in the new year. But what we know for sure is that in the coming year there will be many who need both you and me. Whether on the Greek islands, elsewhere around the globe or not least here in Norway. A Drop in the Ocean will continue relief efforts fully where we are needed, and we hope to have you with us on the journey ahead.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!