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Arrivals on Lesvos are rapidly increasing!

Boat arriving in Lesvos

The number of boats arriving on Lesvos have increased considerably in the last few weeks. Today it was back to 2015-levels with 13 boats within half an hour, where between 500 and 600 people arrived.

The capacity on the island is at a boiling point, and with new arrivals coming through, the terrible living conditions are getting increasingly worse. In July, an astonishing amount of refugees, 5700 people, arrived in the Greek islands and the Greek mainland. In August alone, 3000 people came to Lesvos. In a Press Release yesterday, 29 August, UNICEF reports that more than 1,100 unaccompanied refugee and migrant children in Greece need urgent shelter and protection.

Moria Refugee Camp now houses almost 10 000 people. Over 50% are women and children. The Camp, which originally has the capacity to house 3000 residents, is overcrowded and characterised by needs, lack of security, poor hygienic conditions and insufficient food supply. ‘Section B,’ including the adjacent area, has room for 160 unaccompanied minors, but now has more than 520. Read more about A Drop in the Oceans work in Moria Camp here

Last weekend (August 2019) we were notified that one of the boys had been killed inside the so-called “safe zone.” The safe zone is a fenced in area inside Moria where 72 unaccompanied minors live. Behind bars. Monica Skilbrei, one of our field workers on Lesvos describes the last couple of days in camp, and how they experienced being notified about the horrific event happening this weekend. Read more here

A Drop in the Ocean are now considering sending an emergency team of 6-8 people urgently, and seek people who have the opportunity to travel on short notice. You have to be over 25 years, have a driver’s license and you must be able to be in Lesvos for at least 10 days. We are especially looking for people who have experience from rescue and life saving. People who speak Farsi or Arabic are also needed.

People who are interested can send an e-mail to: trude@drapenihavet.no

Read more about working as a fieldworker here and on the work we do on Lesvos here

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