A Drop in the Ocean has opened a Community Centre in collaboration with One Happy Family. The center offers a safer space in Victoria’s neighborhood, a focal point for the community and the population that wishes to integrate in the Greek society and find various kinds of assistance. Our team is in charge of the Non Formal Education and Employability support in the center.

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A Drop in the Ocean has been present in the Athens area since 2016, working in Skaramagas refugee camp – the largest camp on mainland Greece. 

After the closure of Skaramagas camp was announced in April 2021, we’ve looked for other ways to continue to support displaced persons in the region and, after a context analysis, we’ve assessed the need of opening a place where the community could gather and meet and find support, in Victoria, Athens city centre.

In March 2022, we opened with other actors the Victoria Community center. There, we run the Non-Formal Education and Employabilty support services , while many other organizations run their activities and services in the same building as a way to facilitate an integral and holistic approach in the resettlement experience of displaced people.

Who lives in Athens?

Many of the displaced persons in Athens stayed in refugee camps on the islands and provincial areas, and then moved to the Greek capital after receiving refugee status. The participants to our activities are now a majority component of the African and Afghani community in Athens, with different legal status and personal situation. 

What does A Drop in the Ocean do in Athens?

A Drop in the Ocean organise activities focusing on our programme areas Integration Support, and Non Formal Education. 

We offer activities such as Greek, English and Computer classes, as well as employability support on interview preparation, CV writing and job searching and application.

A Drop in the Ocean has a team on the ground consisting of experienced coordinators, and international, local and community volunteer field workers. 

Our programme activities: 

Non-Formal Education 

A Drop in the Ocean Athens offers non-formal education to adults (18+) that includes English and Greek languages during a 6 week learning cycle, as well as IT literacy program of 4 weeks.

Integration support

A Drop in the Ocean Athens supports individuals with job counselling through individual appointments on CV writing, job searching and application and interview preparation.

We design our programs to be accommodating and flexible as not to exclude people unable to commit to formal education.  Our space is open to everyone in the neighbourhood of Victoria.

Due to the situation of Covid-19, changes to the activities might occur. We always ensure infection prevention by following various infection control measures, in accordance with the guidelines of the Greek authorities.