A Drop in the Ocean is mainly based on volunteer work, both administratively and in the field. Since September 2015, we have coordinated the contribution from 6500 volunteer field workers to Greece. Thanks to volunteering, the organisation has evolved and become what it is today.

Our team in Oslo

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Trude Jacobsen

Secretary General

E-mail: trude@drapenihavet.no

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Birgit H. Tufte

Director of HR and Preparedness

E-mail: birgit@drapenihavet.no

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Despina F. Johansen

Director of Operations

E-mail: despina@drapenihavet.no

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Sidsel E. Aas

Director of Communication and Fundraising

E-mail: sidsel@drapenihavet.no

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Thea Jerejian

Operations Coordinator, Recruitment and Projects (On leave until 31.03.2021)

E-mail: thea@drapenihavet.no

Hanne Buller

Operations Coordinator, Recruitment and Projects

E-mail: hanneb@drapenihavet.no


Nadja Sørelvmo

Operations Coordinator, HR and Preparedness

E-mail: nadja@drapenihavet.no

Malin Delbekk_BW

Malin Delbekk

Operations Assistant, Recruitment

E-mail: malin@drapenihavet.no

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Henry Edvardsen

Communications Coordinator, fundraising and donors

E-mail: henry@drapenihavet.no

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Maria Sagen Vodentsis

Communications Coordinator, social media and content

E-mail: maria@drapenihavet.no

Ida Åkerstedt

Communications Coordinator, web and content

E-mail: ida@drapenihavet.no

Ida Marlene Henriksen


E-mail: ida.marlene@drapenihavet.no

Our team in Greece

Angelika Sogn Koutsofotinos

Country Office Advisor/Legal Representative Greece

Jean-Baptiste Metz

Head of Programs Greece and

Acting Head of Operations Greece

Fania Zouni

Back Office Assistant

Coordinators Greece


Site Coordinator – Silvia

Project/Volunteer Coordinator – Fransesca

Logistics Coordinator – Isobel

Project/Education Coordinator – Eva


Site Coordinator – Thea

Volunteer/Project Coordinator – Harriet

 Logistics Coordinator- Shannon


Site Coordinator – Babak

Project/Volunteer Coordinator – Kirstine

Project/Volunteer Coordinator – Daniela


Site/Logistics Coordinator – Ruth

Project/Volunteer Coordinator – Magnus


Volunteers administration

Eftychia Oikonomou, Accounting Assistant

Cicilie Bråten-Lindblad, Project Coordinator, cicilie@drapenihavet.no

Regional Coordinators in Norway

Thomas Stornes, Regional Coordinator Telemark

Marith Søderholm Øien, Regional Coordinator Troms og Finnmark

Grete Dagsvik, Regional Coordinator Agder 

Kathrine Dørum Middelthon, Regional Coordinator Rogaland 

Gunn Skinlo, Regional Coordinator Vestland

Siv Grøteide, Regional Coordinator Møre and Romsdal

Henriette Beate Berggren og Magne Midthjell, Regional Coordinators Vestfold 

Turid Lilleheie and Anita Ingebretsen, Regional Coordinators Buskerud

Tone Jøssund, Regional Coordinator Trøndelag

Ingvild Gundersen and Silje Distad Stelander, Regional Coordinators Oslo/Akershus

Roar Pedersen,  Regional Coordinator Innlandet


Turid Lilleheie


Trude Jacobsen

Board Member

Elina B. Bjørck

Board Member

Rasmus Mo

Board Member

Anders Horn

Board Member

Kim Gerdts

Board Member

Election Committee:

Torill Odden og Stein Erik Syrstad

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