A Drop in the Ocean is mainly based on volunteer work, both administratively and in the field. Since September 2015, we have coordinated the contribution from 5000 volunteer aid workers to Greece.


Thanks to volunteering, the organisation has evolved and become what it is today.


Trude Jacobsen

Secretary General

Email: trude@drapenihavet.no


Birgit Hjelmtvedt

Human Resources- and Emergency Manager

Email: birgit@drapenihavet.no

Lill Jeanette Fallan

Volunteer Coordinator Norway

Email: jeanette@drapenihavet.no


Cicilie Bråten

Recruitment Coordinator

Email: cicilie@drapenihavet.no


Maria Sagen Vodentsis

Head of Social Media

Email: maria@drapenihavet.no


Chaudhry Aqeel Shafqat


Email: aqeel@drapenihavet.noo

Vibeke DIH

Vibeke Hoem

Information Officer

Email: vibeke@drapenihavet.noo


Hanne Clementine Meyer, Trainee. E-mail: hanne@drapenihavet.no

Peder Laumb Stampe, Trainee. E-mail: peder@drapenihavet.no

Monica Hegna, Accounting/Controller

Jesper Haugan, Analyst

Ragnhild Eidsgaard Akre-Aas, Legal adviser

Trine Jåstad, Training Coordinator

Kathrine Dørum Middelthon, Local Coordinator Rogaland 

Gunn Skinlo and George Creighton, Local Coordinators Hordaland

Åsta Marte Evensberget, Local Coordinator Agder

Siv Grøteide, Local Coordinator Møre and Romsdal

Turid Lilleheie, Local Coordinator Buskerud

Tone Jøssund, Local Coordinator Trøndelag


Turid Lilleheie


Ole Petter Heggestad

Board Member

Trude Jacobsen

Board Member

Thomas Brager Carlsen

Board Member

Rasmus Mo

Board Member

Baber Quazi

Board Member

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