Privacy policy and cookies

A Drop in the Ocean stores personal data. Read about our privacy policy and how we treat your personal data.

A Drop in the Ocean registers, stores, and processes personal data to improve our work. What kind of personal data we use varies depending on your relation to the organisations, for instance, if you are a volunteer field worker, a monthly donor, or a user on the webpage. All personal data are treated in accordance with current Norwegian privacy legislation, including the EU’s Privacy Policy, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 


We continuously work with the user experience on our website. Therefore, we collect various types of information from our users through cookies, a small text file stored on the user’s PC / mobile phone / tablet.  

We use cookies to make the visits to our sites more relevant to the user. Cookies are also used to measure traffic at our website, gather statistics, and improve our service.   

Our Privacy Statement 

Our Privacy Statement gives an overview of:  

  • Which rights our users and registered subjects have regarding their personal data. 
  • Which personal data A Drop in the Ocean register, process, and store. 
  • What kind of information we use and why this information is being used.  
  • How you can get access to your stored personal data and your right to demand the deletion of this data.  
  • Where information is stored, such as third part data processors, and how we protect your personal data.  

Read our Privacy Statement here.