Blanket – keep a freezing child warm

kr 150.00

The Greek winters are biting cold, yet still a lot of children sleep in tents on the ground without any form of isolation. Give a child a blanket to keep them warm this winter.

More than 90 000 people on the run are currently residing in Greece. 40% of them are children. A Drop in the Ocean work in Moria camp, where more than 15 000 people live, and more than 50% of these people are women and children. Solely in Moria camp, there are more than 1100 unaccompanied minors, and several hundred of these minors live in tents. Some of these minors live in their own area in the Safe Zone where A Drop in the Ocean contribute to arrange night-time activities. Give these children a wool-blanket to provide them with warmth and comfort throughout a cold winter night.

The gift equals 3 warm, good-quality wool blankets.


A Drop in the Ocean will ensure that when you buy a symbolic gift, your contribution will be used to help people on the run. What is needed in the refugee camps varies, so if the demand for the item you have bought is saturated, we will utilise the value you spent on the gift for other purposes. This way, your contribution will always be put to good use, and goes where it is needed the most.


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