Diapers – Give a baby a dry diaper

kr 100.00

You can contribute to ensure that mothers are able to change her babies’ nappies when it is needed.

A Drop in the Ocean has women and children as a focal point in our work for people on the run in Greece. Women and children make up 60% of the refugees and migrants who goes to Greece, and they are particularly vulnerable. In the refugee camp Skaramagas, A Drop in the Ocean offer an enclosed area for mothers with small babies, and women in the camp – the Women Space. The centre creates a safe atmosphere where mothers can care for their children, and it is also a social space where women can share experiences with each other. Read more about our work in and outside of the Greek refugee camps here.

The gift consists of two packs of diapers, which are directly distributed to the refugee camps in Skaramagas and Nea Kavala.


A Drop in the Ocean will ensure that when you buy a symbolic gift, your contribution will be used to help people on the run. What is needed in the refugee camps varies, so if the demand for the item you have bought is saturated, we will utilise the value you spent on the gift for other purposes. This way, your contribution will always be put to good use, and goes where it is needed the most.



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