Recruting volunteer field workers to Lesvos

A Drop in the Ocean are now restarting recruitment of volunteer field workers to Lesvos. We will work in the new temporary refugee camp, Kara Tepe, and are currently in the process of implementing new projects there.

Drop volunteer bringing games for unaccompanied minors in Moria refugee camp

Due to the nature of these projects as well as the operational context, we are only looking to recruit volunteers with relevant work background and specific skill sets. As of now, we are seeking voluntary field workers who have education and experience working with children (i.e. social workers, psychologists, teachers, pre-school teachers) and who have previously worked with children in refugee camps. Additionally, we are looking for field workers who have experience within WASH, and/or people who have the flexibility and necessary skills to take on various work tasks related to carpentry, engineering, plumbing, etc.

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