Registration process step by step


  1. Register
  2. My Page
  3. Book your journey
  4. Facebook group
  5. “Drop Field Training”
  6. Check insurance and health cards
  7. Get vaccinated
  8. Greek authorities

1. Registration

  • You need to register as a voluntary field worker. If you experience any technical difficulties whilst trying to register, please try another web browser.
  • If you have any question regarding your registration, please contact us on
  • Read and accept our Guidelines for field workers.
  • Register as a monthly donor here.*
  • Your application will be addressed after you have defined when you want to go and where you want to go.
  • If your application is approved, you will receive an e-mail with a link to log on to “MY PAGE”. On “MY PAGE” you will find a lot of useful information related to your assignment, including information about your location.
  • Sometimes, we have enough field workers at our location and the time you specified. Hence, some people will in those instances not get their request approved.

*There are many expenses connected to creating a well-functioning apparatus around the volunteers who work in the camps. Additionally, there is a lot of administrative work to do to facilitate the volunteers’ trips. As of 2018 it became obligatory for all volunteers travelling with A Drop in the Ocean to register as a paying member. You can do this here, it entails a monthly payment of 100, – NOK (10€). You can terminate this payment once your volunteer trip is over, but of course we hope that most of you want to continue to support the work, and consider being a member as a valuable way of doing so. When you have the first meeting with your Coordinator in the field you need to bring a copy, screenshot or e-mail to confirm that you are a paying member.

2. My Page

  • It is important that you log into “MY PAGE.” You can find log in details in the acceptance e-mail.
  • On “MY PAGE” you will find important information about your assignment, in addition to information about how to prepare.
  • When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to fill in the contact information for who we should contact in the unlikely event of an emergency.
  • If you have not logged in to “MY PAGE” two weeks prior to your assignment or completed the necessary requirements, we will not include you in our schedule.

3. Book your trip

-Transport, accommodation, rental car

Please do not book your travel and accommodation until you have received the acceptance e-mail from us.

  • When you fill out the registration form, you must specify which day you can start.
  • Remember that your first day of training must be on either a Monday or a Thursday.
  • You must be able to commit to at least 10 days of work.

4. Information and participation in Facebook group

  • You will be asked to join a Facebook group for your location, where you will receive information about your location and get in touch with other volunteers who are going to the same location as you.
  • Read the information carefully prior to departure.

5. Drop Field Training, Mandatory Online training for Field Workers

In June 2019, we launched a mandatory interactive training program for all new and returning field worker. The online training aims to prepare field workers for what they can expect being a field worker, both practically and mentally. Additionally, it provides insight and reflection related to working in and around refugee camps. We strongly believe that having all field workers completing the training prior to their volunteer assignment, will improve the quality of our services in Greece, as well as making the experience for our field workers even better. When field workers have been accepted for their field trip, they will receive a link to the training. The training takes approximately 90 minutes and must be completed inclusive of exams before arriving in field. You may ask the Coordinator for a certificate after completing the training and field assignment.

6. Check your insurance and health card

  • You need to have a valid insurance, and if you are a European citizen you must have the European health card, prior to departure.

7. It is important to be vaccinated

 -Contact your doctor

  • There are outbreaks of scabies, lice, and hepatitis amongst the refugees.
  • Therefore, we recommend: trippel vaccine (measles, rubella, and mumps), hepatitis type A and B, polio, tuberculosis, tetanus, diphteria and whooping cough, and meningitis.
  • Read about precautions regarding the Corona virus outbreak.

8. Greek authorities

  • Everyone who is going to work with A Drop in the Ocean must register with the Greek authorities through the following portal.
  • You cannot expect a response to this. It is sufficient to comple the registration.

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