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A Drop in the Ocean need fabric for The Sewing Factory in Skaramagas

The Sewing Factory in our community center in Skaramagas has become so popular that we are about to run out of fabric.

Syfabrikken i Skaramagas

There is less and less fabric on the walls in The Sewing Factory and we need more.

Even before the paint has dried, our newly established community center in Skaramagas is bustling with activity. English lessons for adults, a reading room and an internet cafe is already in full swing, and dance evenings and game nights are in the planning phase.

One of the centers greatest successes is however The Sewing Factory. From 10.00 to 14.00 three sewing machines are available for residents so they can make curtains for the containers they live in and different clothes they need. It has become exceedingly popular and machine times are already fully booked for the next two weeks.

What pleases us in A Drop in the Ocean the most is that the offer has created a common meeting place that crosses culture and gender barriers for the adults in the camp. It has been difficult to create such a meeting place earlier, but The Sewing Factory has proven to be the perfect initiative for creative collaboration and work enjoyment.

However, we are now running out of fabric. The Sewing Factory use in excess of 150 square meters of fabric a month, and we need everything we can get. Thick fabrics for curtains, thin for shirts and hijabs, colorful, elastic, patterned, soft and sparkling. In large rolls or small pieces of cloth, we need everything.

Do you want to donate money so we can buy fabric for The Sewing Factory click here.

A Drop in the Oceans Community Center i Skaramagas

A Drop in the Oceans Community Center i Skaramagas


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