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Summary of article in vg online 22 September 2016

Trude Jacobsen (45), CEO of the NGO “Dråpen i havet” was the winner of the Norwegian national contest “Norwegian Heroes.

“I resigned from my work quite quickly after having established the NGO in 2015. We are actually a small, but very reactive and dynamic organisation with only me and another person employed in the administration. The remaining 10-15 administrative staff are all working as volunteers. Things are happening all the time in Greece, the situation is changing quickly. I am working 7 days a week.”

Long term work

More than 1700 volunteers from 30 countries have so far been working during the year for Dråpen I Havet.

“Today we have to think and react long term, as most of the refugees are stuck in Greece. Consequently, the work inside the camps is the most important now, not only rescuing refugees coming by boats, even if some still arrive. Our main work is to organize activities and take care of women and child.”

Big frustration

Even if Trude Jacobsen is dedicated and love her work, she should wish there was no need for her. The refugees should not be living in these conditions in Greece.

“Nothing happens in Europe. The EU takes no responsibility at all. Of course, the war in Syria is not easy to interfere with, but we cannot just let refugees coming here die. More than 60000 refugees are waiting around Greece. If you dispatch this number to all the European countries in Europe, it should be no problem to welcome them.”

Summary by Elisabeth Pedersen Guerry

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