Your contribution matters greatly to the many people who have been forced to leave everything behind to escape war. A Drop in the Ocean provides aid directly to refugee camps in Greece, through distribution of food, clothes and equipment. We also offer a range of activities and educational programmes for both children and adults. Our close work with those who depend on our help allows us to ensure that all contributions are appropriately used, when and where they are needed the most.

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Why should you support our work?

A Drop in the Ocean is an organization whose primary purpose is to help refugees, especially children and their mothers. Despite the fact that the organization is mainly run by volunteers, A Drop in the Ocean is active in several refugee camps in Greece.

We do not receive financial support from the state and are therefore dependent on private support and donations to help as many as possible.

As a monthly donor you are helping to support our work for many of the 120,000 refugees in Greece. It costs only 100 NOK (approx 11 euros) a month, but you can of course choose a higher monthly amount if you wish. The support from our monthly donors gives us predictability and possibility to plan our future work.

Monthly donors receive invitations to various events and courses. After three months you may also vote at the annual meeting held in the spring.

We use a large portion of the donations to purchase clothes, water, food and supplies to refugees locally and we also do a lot to improve the living conditions in the camps.

In order to maintain continuity in our work and ensure training of volunteers, we also cover the cost of a certain number of coordinators on each destinations, and administrative staff.

A Drop in the Ocean is approved by the Norwegian Fundraising Control Committee.

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