Temporarily closed activities, Moria Village, Lesbos

The tense situation on Lesbos has developed in a way, that makes it difficult for A Drop in the Ocean to continue our activities in Moria Village, for the time being. However, our activities inside Moria Refugee camp will continue as usual.

Gate i Moria leir
Foto: Knut Bry

The locals on the island are divided on how to solve the tense situation between refugees, the police and local residents. A small local right-wing group has threatened various aid organizations, including A Drop in the Ocean, which they believe is helping to maintain increase the numbers of refugees to Greece. These threats will be reported to the police in Mytilini.

All our volunteers and coordinators are safe, but to safeguard their security and the security of all the refugees that make use of our services, we have chosen to keep the Drop centres closed for the time being.

Local authorities have chosen to keep the school in Moria Village closed today.

A Drop in the Ocean, will follow up with more information, but please contact us at post@drapenihavet.no if you have any further questions.

Update 14.02.2020

We are still keeping our Drop center in Moria village closed, because of the tense situation in the village. However, together with other organizations we are running activities for refugees in Mytilini and scoping out for other potential projects. Our activities inside Moria refugee camp continue as normal.