Temporary stop in all our activities on Lesvos

In light of recent events we have decided to temporarily stop all our activities on Lesvos due to security concerns. During the past weekend, the situation on the island escalated and there were reports about NGOs being attacked.

All our volunteers have left Lesvos, and they have been closely followed up and will also be followed up in the future.

We have decided not to send field workers to Lesvos for the time being.

We are constantly monitoring the situation, and while we do hope that we can resume our work as soon as possible, it is at this point difficult to say if and when we will be back on the island.

We are extremely saddened by the situation and our thoughts are with the people living in and around Moria. At the same time, we also understand the frustration felt by the local population and we hope for a solution that will benefit all.

Although we are currently putting our work in Moria camp and Lesvos on hold, we continue our activities at our other locations in Greece.