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The bravest woman of the year 2018 – Trude Jacobsen

I have not even prepared a thank you speech, I never thought it would be me. I’m very happy, but this is not just my award, there are so many who have dropped everything they had in their hands and helped establish this new Norwegian NGO. I also hope that the price can help to focus on women on the run. And then I have to thank my family – I went to Greece for three days and came home as a completely different person. – Trude Jacobsen after receiving the prize 13. October 2018

Trude Jacobsen with two of the other Norwegian finalists, Mia Landsem and Rita Vindholmen. Photo by: Aurora Leonor Jimenez Lorente

Trude Jacobsen was named “the bravest woman of the year 2018” by the magazine Tara on Saturday 13th of October.  She was nominated with other well-known Norwegian finalists; Else Kåss Furuseth, Kim Friele, Lan Marie Nguyen Berg, Mia Landsem and Rita Vindholmen. However, her courageous and life-changing work for people who have fled their homes and are stuck in refugee camps in Greece gave her the award – the bravest woman of the year 2018.

“The mother of five reacted spontaneously when she saw the flow of boat refugees to Greece in 2015. She took a leave of absence from work and traveled to Greece to help. Now – three years later – she runs the Norwegian NGO “A Drop in the Ocean. “What started as a small Facebook group has now evolved into an organisation which has had 5000 volunteers in Greece, from all over the world” – Tara Magazine

More information about Trude Jacobsen and the finalists here (in Norwegian only):https://tara.no/arets-modigste-kvinne/finalists-arets-modigste-kvinne 

Trude Jacobsen is available for an interview and can be contacted at trude@drapenihavet.no or phone: +47 481 72 718.

More information about A Drop in the Ocean here:

A Drop in the Ocean is a Norwegian NGO that aims to provide immediate and direct aid to refugees arriving in Europe by coordinating volunteers and by collecting necessary equipment and financial support. A Drop in the Ocean was founded in September 2015 and since then, we have coordinated almost 5000 volunteers to Greece, where aid is needed the most. A Drop in the Ocean is per September 2018 present at the island Lesvos, in northern Greece and in the area of Athens. Our main tasks are to distribute food, clothes and non-food items. A Drop in the Ocean is also responsible for a wide range of activities and projects, for children and adults, in and around the refugee camps. The activities focus on giving meaning to everyday life, such as teaching, sewing and mother-child activities. Read more about our work here: www.drapenihavet.no


Press coverage “The bravest woman of the year 2018”:

She became the bravest woman of the year 2018: https://tara.no/arets-modigste-kvinne/arets-modigste-kvinne-2018

Here are the finalists of the bravest woman of the year: https://tara.no/arets-modigste-kvinne/finalists-arets-mostest-kvinne

Photo by: Aurora Leonor Jimenez Lorente

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