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The Nea Kavala Dropshop market is now open!

Yesterday was the first day of distribution from our market in the Nea Kavala camp in Northern Greece. For four weeks clever craftsmen from The Timber Project have worked hard with the construction, supported by Help Refugees. Finally the big day was here!

The idea behind this project is that the residents of the camp will get the possibility to choose and shop what they need, not only receive a packet of clothes “one size fits all”. All the residents have got a certain amount to shop for, in the brand new currency ”drops”. With these means, they can have a look, try out the clothes and shop what they really need for themselves and their children. After months and years on the run from wars, and with queuing up to get any little necessity, it is a very important step for us to offer a small “drop” of normality and dignity into their life. The possibility of choosing themselves is highly valued.




The grand opening of the Dropshop – Nea Kavala was met with joy, pride and enthusiasm. The residents of the camp will work here, side by side with our volunteers. For those contributing in the shop the days will be filled with something useful, while continuing to wait for a country that can accept them.

”It is so important to give people living under such conditions something to look forward to, not only to pass your day, but also to avoid radicalisation and criminality.” Says Trude Jacobsen, secretary general in Dråpen i Havet. ”We strive to do whatever we can to avoid that people in the camps are obliged to use violence to be seen and heard.“


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The coordinator of the Dråpen i Havet in Nea Kavala, Holly Thomas, informs that during the opening day, everything worked out peacefully and quietly without the normal chaos that sometimes occurs at similar distribution points. The visitors were so happy to be able to try different models and sizes and shop. Holly further says that both UNHCR, Red Cross and Samaritans Purse came by to congratulate Dråpen i Havet and to see the market in action.


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Dråpen i Havet wishes to thank Help Refugees and The Timber Project, in addition to all the present and previous volunteers that in one way or another have contributed to the realisation of this amazing project. A big thanks as well to all of you that have sent us clothes and donated money. Without your contribution, we would not have been able to finalise this project. We hope of course that you vill continue assisting and helping us on this and other projects in the future. This project shows that even though we are a small NGO and still young in the field of humanitarian work, we are able to accomplish and realize big tasks.

We are no longer just a DROP IN THE OCEAN, but a SMALL OCEAN OF DROPS. 

Photo: Holly Thomas

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