The situation on Lesvos demands urgent attention

The population at Mavrovouni CCAC on Lesvos Island currently stands at approximately 6000 individuals, with a continuous influx of new arrivals surpassing 400 in a single week.

Notably, on Tuesday alone, 300 people joined the already overcrowded camp. Tragically, the pursuit of safety in Europe has resulted in two fatalities, as two drawn bodies were discovered on the shores of Lesvos yesterday.

The living conditions within CCAC have significantly deteriorated. Individuals who have obtained their legal documents but cannot leave have been relocated to rubhalls. The lack of hot water compounds the difficulties, particularly given the cold and windy weather conditions. Moreover, up to 50% of the WASH facilities in certain camp zones are damaged and inaccessible.

The list of individuals ineligible for food provision from the ministry has surpassed 1000, with projections indicating an increase to over 2500. Regrettably, the supporting NGOs lack the capacity to address this growing demand, leading to the closure of programs.

Supplies of clothes and hygiene items are limited, and overall, medical practitioners are grappling to meet the escalating health needs, particularly concerning a noticeable prevalence of illness among children.

The high volume of individuals in need has overwhelmed various organisations, restraining their ability to respond effectively.  

The situation demands urgent attention and collaborative efforts to improve the living conditions and address the pressing humanitarian concerns at Mavrovouni CCAC on Lesvos Island.