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The sound of humanity


” I have a desire to create a feeling that absolutely everyone can help, not just a particular elite.”- Andreas Aase

By: Vibeke Hoem


” When The Refugee situation  in the Mediterranean worsened a year and a half ago, we, the adults in the family, sat and twisted our hands in frustration that we didn’t got to do something, not here at home or far away. Atle, my stepson, on the other hand, took action and went down to the Chios to contribute, and has been there three times now. So then, I thought I could contribute my way, namely to play music.”- Andreas Aase


Concerts with meaning

Over the last six months has Andreas Aase performed ten to twelve times playing a kind of “Nynorsk” Guitarmixsture of his own songs, traditional music and improvisations, collected from his records. He’s been playing in people’s homes, on small coffee shops that he doesn’t play ordinary, in connection with garden partys, Christmas tree lightning, and other social happenings. He has collected the entire sum of 62 289 NOK for the drop in the ocean’s work for people on the run.

He wants to lower the threshold for others who have a similar idea; “Living rooms and backyards are superb concert places if you have the right people present”, he says. ” good philanthropic attitudes can be found all over the political spectrum, and a Drop in the Ocean has in my opinion created a bipartisan room where humanity is at the center, no matter who you vote for.”


The Joy of being able to contribute

On questions about the feedback he received from communities and audiences, he says: ” people appear to know the same as me, that it’s good to be able to help,  in the case of a geopolitical challenge that can seem insolvable at first glance.”

For Aase, it is at the same time important to conduct gigs without coming into conflict with musicians’ labour market in Norway, “for that should also be preserved”, he says. ” that’s why I’ve played in places and in connection where I haven’t been in competition with such as young athletes, and where there’s no more concerts. If businesses with a lot of money or similar wishes to engage and set up concerts to support humanity, that’s great, but then the players will also have a settlement. No refugees will be happier if our finances collapse. For my self,I can manage, and I have what I need.”

And in question about future plans, he says, ” there will be another round in time, I find a lot of joy in this too for my own part. Not at least I realize how many encouraging people living in my hometown – and you have to remind yourself of that from time to time “,


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