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The time for goodbye has come

September 2015 we sent our first team to Chios to assist the refugees as they arrived the shores of the island. Our volunteers patrolled the shores day and night and provided a safe and warm welcome for the people fleeing wars and conflicts.

At that time there were no refugee camps on the island, but fantastic locals provided tents, food and clothes in the park in Chios town. The arrivals could stay there until they were registered, and then move on to the mainland and  continue to other European countries.

After a couple of months larger organisations came to the island and together with Greek authorities the first camps were established. Tabakika, Souda, Vial, Dipethe.  A Drop in the Ocean assisted wherever there was a need for our services. In Souda we have been present since the beginning, and established the food distribution system together with NRC.




Now Souda is closing down. In a few days or maximum weeks, the space will have no tents and no people. The walls of the Castle of Chios will again tell the stories from the ancient times, but also carry memories from the largest migration in Europe since world war II. Souda was never a decent place for anyone to live. Still, a lot of the people who have moved on from there, look back at this as a place with lots of humanity and love.


Now all the arrivals are staying in VIAL camp. Or even outside as the camp has no more space. We have offered our services to VIAL. We believe our system for distribution through our DropShop would be a great asset to the residents in the camp. However, the authorities have ensured us that they will cover for those needs through their own resources.





As there are no plans for a sustainable and fair transport system from VIAL to Chios town, we can not consider that our DropShop in Chios town to be used as a fair distribution centre for the residents in VIAL. The shop will be closed down, and we will move our resources to other camps in Greece.


We would like to thank everyone we have cooperated with on Chios these past two years. Thank you, all the wonderful volunteers who have travelled to the island to give from their hearts and time. Thank you, all the organisations we have been working side by side with towards the same goal. Thank you, wonderful people of Chios! Many of you have been fighting to make the situation for the displaced people better. Many of you opened your hearts and your homes to assist.


Most of all, thank you to all the fantastic people who have been living in Souda and who we were privileged to get to know during an extreme period of their lives. We wish you all the best of luck.


So, for now we say farewell Chios. Take good care of the precious people who come your way. If we can ever assist again, we will be ready in no time.


Photo: Eirik Johan Solheim, Elisha Nader, Kjartan Bjelland, Trude Jacobsen


  1. REPLY
    Melvin Ostrander says

    Drop in the ocean has provided (and continues to provide) valuable services for so many people in several locations. There work has been done with respect for the camp residents as well as the local and national authorities. I firmly believe this is how we should help our brothers and sisters in need. It is a shame that the authorities on Chios do not recognize the partner they have had in Drapen i havet. Good luck!

  2. REPLY
    Jenny says

    thank you Drops for all your hard work and continous support to the people! You are a great team!

  3. REPLY
    John Slade says

    The Drops can be immensely proud of the unprecedented work they did on Chios. You started from nothing, and build a highly professional system that provided food and clothing, and many services, to thousands of people. You were there from the first day to the last day.

    You showed the refugees a warm heart and a helping hand. You gave them belief that at least some Europeans welcomed them to a new life. You made an enormous difference to thousands of struggling women, desperate men, and frightened children, who will remember the Drops forever.

  4. REPLY
    Jazz says

    Mixed emotions, I know there was so much hardship in Souda, but also love and kindness and remarkable people, I will never forget the people I worked with, both residents and volunteers , new friendships among extraordinary circumstances, I’m such a better person for having experienced life in a refugee camp, if only for a few weeks as a’drop’. Thank you all.??

  5. REPLY
    Jan says

    Just like Jazz (hi Jazz) i have mixed emotions. I lived on Chios for a month in April going to Souda every day as a drop. I am another person today due to my stay and I will never be the same again. And that’s a good thing. I met so many wonderful people, both volunteers and residents, and even though it was a time sadness and despair it also was a time of love and caring. I am forever grateful – i am forever a drop in my heart and soul.

  6. REPLY
    Benedicte says

    This is just sad. But I have learned alot about many things. Wish everybody good luck. Thank you Drops. ❤

  7. REPLY
    anna akmqvist says

    So much love and compassion amongst people from all over the world. Thank you!

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