Thousands of people fleeing Ukraine

Thursday morning we saw violent attacks from Russia towards Ukraine, and a new war in Europe is a reality. The human suffering is already enormous.

Bilde av et hjerte i Ukrainas farger.
Tegnet av barn på Jeløya

A Drop in the Ocean condemns the violent Russian attacks on Ukraine, and we fear that thousands of people will be forced to leave their homes. Already one day after the massive attacks, a huge flow of people are moving towards the neighboring countries for protection. The queues of people who try to escape the war zones and into Poland are several kilometers long.

We are already in dialogue with several actors currently at the border between Ukraine and Poland, and we will shortly have our own team present. Our team will map the needs and how we best can assist in the difficult situation for the Ukrainian people. We know that needs will be massive in several countries and thanks to our great humanitarian network and partners in Europe we have the opportunity to mobilise support fast.

We will update our information about how we can help the Ukrainian people as soon as we have more news.