Together for better coordination

We were honoured to be invited to a workshop in Athens, organised by NORCAP under the auspices of the Ministry of Migration & Asylum’s General Secretariat for Reception of Asylum Seekers.

One man and two women standing next to a roll-up with information about the two day workshop.
Jonathan Xenakis and Vicky Mastora together with NORCAP representative Despina F. Johansen.

Dråpen i Havet was represented by Jonathan Xenakis, Head of Programmes and Vicky Mastora, Lesvos Field Coordinator.

Many topics were discussed, but a main focus was on the reception and coordination of stakeholders in emergency situations.

The emergence and necessity of such workshops have been even more apparent in recent months with migration flows changing routes and taking on even more dangerous journeys.

Coordination amid differing stakeholders, bridging understandings and ensuring all aspects of reception are met with respect to our laws is of paramount importance. While each stakeholder comes with a certain mission and set of parameters to operate under, it remains important to ensure clear communication lines and a comprehensive plan to address all these diverse needs.

We were pleased to observe the goodwill of all involved stakeholders in accommodating differing viewpoints and drawing common approaches. While this exercise showcases this ability on a small scale, we are keen to see this approach replicated and endorsed by all involved stakeholders and authorities.