Turid Lilleheie: New Chairperson in A Drop in the Ocean

“We have already achieved a lot and been an important actor for people fleeing their homes. Nevertheless, the future is ahead of us, and new, strategic and important choices needs to be dealt with. It is exciting to get the possibility to work with creative, ideological people who both can and wants to make a difference” – Turid Lilleheie, newly elected Chairperson

Turid Lilleheie

Three new board members were elected for the next two years when A Drop in the Ocean held its annual meeting 24th of May 2018. Ole Petter Heggestad, Rasmus Mo, and Turid Lilleheie, who later was elected Chairperson. Trude Jacobsen was re-elected for two years, Thomas Brager Carlsen was re-elected for one year, and Baber Qazi will continue his period as a board member.

Turid Lilleheie has a lot of experience from organisational work, and has among other things 12 years of experience as a union leader of the Norwegian Civil Service Union under the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO). She has broad experience from different organisations, both in the private and public sector, including from Sparebank 1 and the Norwegian People’s Aid.

“I am excited to learn even more about A Drop in the Ocean, and I’m looking forward to contribute. Therefore, during the spring, I hope that we will be able to have a board seminar where we can dwell on the history of the organisation, as well as look at future opportunities and challenges. Together we will mark out a further strategy for A Drop in the Ocean, which is a new, but dynamic, important and exciting organisation” says Turid Lilleheie.

Secretary General Trude Jacobsen believes that Turid will be an enormous resource as the Chairperson for A Drop in the Ocean. “She has organisational knowledge, as well as broad experience from other board commitments. She is also a clever woman who is always in a good mood. Through her efforts in the field with A Drop in the Ocean, it is clear that she has a genuine wish to help people who are forced to flee their homes” says Trude Jacobsen.

Turid Lilleheie is educated within management, administration and leadership, and has volunteered with us in Greece on several occasions. In Norway, she has contributed with lectures and is the coordinator for the local branch of A Drop in the Ocean in Buskerud, Norway, where she lives.