Update from our coordinators on Lesvos

Last week we were informed that due to the increase of COVID-19 cases in Greece, the Greek government decided to limit the entrance in Moria refugee camp to essential NGOs. Unfortunately, we are not among those. This means that we had to immediately stop all our activities and projects with the un-accompanied minors in Moria.

barnehender som fargelegger

While we absolutely understand the decision of this preventive measures for the camp, we are also worried about what will happen to the children and their mental well-being. We realize that our activities are not as essential as medical-care or food distributions are. However our recreation activities and psychosocial support is the time when they can just be kids, relax, have fun, use their creativity, socialize with the other kids or read a book, and for a couple of hours they can have an distraction from their daily stress and problems.

In the last weeks, we also welcome a full new team of volunteers, started new projects for the minors and planned some more new activities and projects for them. It is very sad for us to not see any of these new projects taking place, but we are especially sorry we did not have the chance to say good- bye.

This is not going to stop us and we are already looking into new different ways to support Sections and safe-zone minors.

More updates will come in the next weeks.