Update from the refugee camp at Piraeus Port – Athens

Since the borders closed a couple of months ago the port of Pireaus has turned into an unofficial refugee camp.

The port is now gradually being evacuated but it is a slow process. Buses take people to camps in the vicinity of Athens every week but there are still well over 3000 people living in tents and occupied passenger terminals along two of the gates. During the past two months our team has been distributing non-food items and tea as well as providing shelter and children’s activities to the communities stuck in limbo here.

Most days a few of our female volunteers walk around amongst the tents in teams of two, handing out women’s packs with sanitary pads, underwear, wet wipes and other well-needed items. In one of the gates we have an enthusiastic team organising sports activities such as volleyball, football and basketball. We’ve been supporting particularly vulnerable cases by helping them access health care and other services, and we regularly help out with food distribution throughout the day.

The future is looking exciting. We’re hoping to set up a community space and a few other projects in a nearby camp during the coming weeks. Until Pireaus port has been evacuated we also intend to maintain our presence and keep supporting the community here as best we can.

We rely entirely on volunteers in order to keep all of this running! If you’re interested in joining our team, please contact us at frivillig@drapenihavet.no or register here