UPDATE: The Drop Market and Warehouse after two weeks

Two weeks ago the Drop Market opened in Skaramagas camp. Here’s an update from our first 10 working days, and the workings of the Warehouse.

klær som er hengt opp

The first cycle of shopping-appointments is now complete. Every resident in Skaramagas camp has been offered an appointment to go shopping in our Drop Market. It has been immensely popular! At this time the Drop Market has sold 4087 items. Immediately after opening the most popular item was short sleeve (girl). The trend has continued ever since, and now there are 416 short sleeves (girl) sold.

(When I say ‘sold’, I am of course talking about the Drop-currency.)

With the fast pace the Drop Market is having, the Warehouse also needs to keep up. The teams have been sweating, folding, counting, sweating, packaging and sweating some more. Even though it might not look it, there is a system amidst the chaos.

There are categories for men, women, boys, girls and babies. There’s short sleeve, long sleeve, hats and button-up shirts. There are sizes XS-XL, and so on. For each piece of clothing, there are over 200 possibilities. And that’s just summer clothes!

During the next few weeks we will be expanding our Market. We will sell baby clothes and shoes, which are in high demand. We want to thank all our beautiful donors and volunteers. We are so grateful for all donations and support!