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Violent attack against refugees on Chios.

It`s about time Europe wakes up and acts upon this inhumane abuse of innocent people.

Last night, around 22:10 local time, we received the reports of attacks on the refugee camp Souda in Chios, where A Drop in the Ocean has been working since it opened. The inhabitants of the tent camp explained that attackers were shooting fireworks around and towards the camp to create fear and panic. Around 60 people, assumed supporters of the extreme right wing party in Greece, were covering the two entrances of the camp to create even more fear. Giant rocks were thrown towards the tents from above, inside them were children, sick, old, pregnant. Tents were put on fire, and some are totally destroyed.

The people who escaped terror and war zones found themselves in the same situation last night – in Europe!

souda-angrep1     souda-angrep

Some injuries have been reported, among them a pregnant woman. It is only a miracle that no one was killed.

Our team was out of the camp and safe when the attack started. This morning they have met the refugees in the camp. They are upset naturally, and they need our presence and comfort more than ever before. We have an important job to do to help these people regain their trust in humanity!


souda-angrep7                souda-angrep5



Photo: Nadine Aabø Mellem


  1. REPLY
    Pierre Aubineau says

    Have a look at the desinformation of certain Greek newspaper. Migrants are accused to set fire and start the riot.

    • REPLY
      Ejgil says

      Is it possible for volunteers (or others) to make photos of the attackers on Souda Camp? – for documentation to show the police, layers or judges in Chios – who is responsible for these attacks. I think documentation of the attacks is the best way to solve the problem.

  2. REPLY
    Emanuela Notari says

    what a shame, really, what a waste of energy that could be invested in the opposite direction giving the same thrilling sensation of making a real revolution

  3. REPLY
    Andrew Burgess says

    There are citizens here in the United States that are aware and care about the Refugees. Volunteers keep doing what you do, were proud. I look forward to joining you this December. I’m glad the volunteer team was safe. – Andrew

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