Volunteer voices- Josefina

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Hi! My name is Josefina, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Argentina.

I decided to volunteer in the camps after finishing my studies in International Relations. Since the first days of my career I got really interested in migrations and human rights and I was very motivated to get into the field. For that reason, I decided to continue volunteering and helping people but now outside of Latin-America and it was Drop who opened the doors for me. First, I started my volunteering experience in Bosnia for three months, and after that I decided to continue with Drops but in another destination, this time in Nea Kavala, Greece.

I found out about Drops on Reliefweb website, a nice platform where they publish different working and volunteering opportunities in the humanitarian sector.

A typical day with Drops in Nea Kavala starts at 10 in the morning, we get to camp and we start preparing all the materials and resources we will need for our programmed activities of the day. As I’m an english teacher, we normally prepare the material for the lessons we have during the day. We have a break for lunch from 13:00 to 14:00 and then we continue our activities. Normally in the afternoon, as an Info Hub member I take appointments and help people to make their own CVs as the part of the employability project. On Tuesdays, we also have German Language cafe, where we do some interactive games and activities to learn a some German vocabulary and useful expressions. At 16:00 we close the center for adults, and we open our doors for Kid’s club. Our working day ends at 18:00 when we get back home.

In my free time in Polykastro, I enjoy doing some sports, going out with the volunteers, swimming in the river and traveling around the region.

Volunteering for me is a wonderful way to learn from others’ experiences, stories and knowledge, to become a companionship for those who might appreciate it and spend some of your free time making small steps to make this world a little bit fairer for everyone. I also believe it’s a beautiful moment to meet amazing people from different cultural backgrounds.