How is it like to contribute as a fieldworker for A Drop in the Ocean?

A Drop in the Ocean’s purpose is to provide immediate and direct aid to refugees. This is done by coordinating volunteers to travel to our destinations in Greece. Aid workers assist with providing services and activities in the camps and in our community centres. The tasks are constantly changing, depending on the needs of the various destinations. We therefore encourage our volunteers to be flexible when it comes to tasks in field. At the destinations, we work with organizations such as UNHCR, IOM and DRC.

A Drop in the Ocean is currently present with volunteers on the island of Lesvos, Samos in the Athens region (in two various refugee camps) and in Northern Greece. We always need more volunteers over 25 years old for our destinations, and especially desirable are volunteers who may stay at least two weeks. We accept CVs and applications from people above the age of 23, provided they have relevant backgrounds. All applicants between 23 and 25 must be interviewed before they are allowed to volunteer with us. As a volunteer, you choose the destination you would like to work at.

At all our locations you will be greeted by a Coordinator who provides training and organizes our team of volunteers. Volunteers with A Drop in the Ocean travel at their own risk. You must pay for travel, food and lodging yourself. After 8 weeks of volunteering, long-term volunteers are eligible to reimbursement of housing expenses of €300 pr month. This covers all weeks of volunteering, and will be paid in retrospective.

Read more about our locations and the work we do here


Do you have any questions?

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Your abilities

A Drop in the Ocean has a particular need for health professionals, craftsmen, people with experience in psychosocial support professionals in maternity and infant care, language teachers, interpreters in Arabic, Persian / Farsi, Dari and Kurdish. Most important of all is still a helping hand and a good heart. We need you!

Requirements and wishes for volunteers:

  • Older than 25 years. We accept CVs and applications from people between the ages of 23-25, provided they have relevant backgrounds, and applicants in this age group must be interviewed before they are allowed to travel.
  • Can stay at the location for more than ten days
  • Police certificate is required
  • That you are ready to roll up your sleeves and lend a hand where needed. You must be prepared for long hours and unpredictability of work
  • That you, as far as possible, arriving either Monday or Thursday


If you want to volunteer with A Drop in the Ocean, you have to register a profile with us here. Volunteer aid workers for A Drop in the Ocean must accept our Guidelines. Therefore, read through these before you book your trip. These can be read here: Guidelines. When you have registered as a volunteer, you can request a trip with us. As soon as we receive your registration we put you in a travel group on Facebook for the period you will be traveling.

There are substantial costs associated with running a solid apparatus for our volunteers that work in the camps. The administrative facilitation of the volunteers’ stay is also highly comprehensive. From 2018, all volunteers traveling as part of A Drop in The Ocean will be required to register as a member. This can be done here, and entail a 100 NOK monthly fee. You can at any time terminate this agreement after your voluntary stay has been completed, but we hope that most of you want to continue to support our work and experience that this is a great way to be of assistance to those who need it.

When you sign up for traveling please write in the comment box if you have done so via SMS, bank or PayPal, or if you already are a member/regular contributor.

Read more about the registration process here.

Drop Field Training, Mandatory Online training for Volunteers

In the end of June 2019, we launched a mandatory Interactive Training Program for all new and returning volunteers. The online training aims to prepare volunteers for what they can expect being a field worker, both practically and mentally. Additionally, it provides insight and reflection related to working in and around refugee camps. We strongly believe that having all volunteers completing the training prior to their volunteer assignment, will improve the quality of our services in Greece, as well as making the experience for our volunteers even better. When volunteers have been accepted for their field trip, they will receive a link to the training. The training takes approximately 90 minutes and must be completed inclusive of exams before arriving in field. Volunteers may receive a certificate after completing their training and field assignment by requesting the Coordinator.


A Drop in the Ocean working in refugee camps where there is poor sanitation and where epidemics occur. We recommend that you contact either GP or vaccine office to check if necessary. Replenishing vaccinations before traveling.

After the trip

When you come home after volunteering, it may feel a bit heavy to return to “normal” life after helping people in a demanding situation. Your attitudes have changed, you might feel tired and sad. It is normal to have reactions after field-work. If you need immediate psychosocial support or assistance, we recommend that you contact your GP or community health.