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Why You Should Become a Monthly Donor for A Drop in the Ocean

A Drop in the Ocean is the only remaining Norwegian aid organisation who work in refugee camps in Greece. We uncover humanitarian needs, and contribute to finding sustainable and worthy solutions to improve the everyday life for refugees. Together we can make a difference!

By: Vibeke Hoem, Information Officer Translated by: Hanne Buller, HR- and informationassistant

Education During Transitional Periods Provides Children with Hope for the Future

Photo by: Giulia Biosa “According to people living under these circumstances, the wait and uncertainty are the most difficult part of their lives. Many of which have had their first asylum interview scheduled for January 2023. Thereby, their life is put on hold for the coming four years, as it is near impossible to set roots in a new country without being granted asylum.” – Trude Jacobsen, Secretary General.

Language training is the highest in demand of all the activities we offer in the refugee camps. To be able to communicate, both in terms of understanding others and making oneself understood, makes everyday life much easier. Simultaneously, it contributes to create meaning and hope for the future for children who are in a transitional period of their life, where the future is uncertain. Education and development contribute to strengthen children’s physical and mental health.

We are not permitted to conduct formal education in Greece but are still allowed to informal training. Therefore, we have developed our own Drop Curriculum, to teach English and Greek to adults, and mathematics and English to children, giving the students a continuity of their education. We offer different levels of education, who use the previous level as a stepping stone to the next, making it possible to swap teachers for each level without having a negative impact on the students.

In 2018, we had more than 18 000 people drop by our classes. We also offered 7 English classes daily in Skaramagas. In Moria we have a group of children who are taught daily.

“Education is the highlight of the day for the children, and they are beaming with expectation when they are being picked up for school. The children, women, and men are seen in a hurry to get through the narrow doors of the bakery, and behind the closed doors you can hear people saying; “hurry the class starts, jalla jalla”. The mood completely changes after the lectures are done, as people find it disheartening to go back to the camp.” – Glenn Andrè Richard, Head of Operations.

As a monthly donor, your contribution makes it possible for us to continue our operations in Greece. This includes language training, and other important projects as worthy distribution through our Drop Shop which we organise in the refugee camps where we are present. Do you want to make a difference?

YES, I want to become a monthly donor! 

How are the money spent?

The donations from the monthly donors distributed to support several projects, amongst them distribution in the refugee camps where we work. We use most of our income on covering the costs of buying clothes, food, water, and equipment to the refugees locally. Additionally, we work to improve the living conditions in the camps. All of our fieldworkers work voluntarily and unpaid, but to be able to have continuity in our work and secure training of volunteers, we do cover some expenses for a certain number of coordinators at the locations.

Monthly donations of a mere 200 NOK contribute to create hope, education, development of skills, worthiness, better hygiene, social arenas, and meaningful activities for refugees, stuck in a daily life of uncertainty and waiting. Simultaneously, you provide us with certainty and a possibility to plan our work ahead.

A Drop in the Ocean is a small, but effective aid organization who focus on dignity, sustainable, and innovative solutions to make a difference for refugees. The refugees’ needs administer what activities we offer. As an aid organization that is continuously growing, who are largely dependent on voluntary work, we are able to be flexible, adapt, compliments existing activities, and respond quickly when different needs arise.

A Drop in the Ocean are approved by the Norwegian Control Committee for Fundraising, and you can be certain that the money reaches the people in need. You can read more about our key figures in our Annual Reports here.

Each year, when the financial statements are ready, you will receive our annual report via e-mail. Additionally, you can sign up for our newsletter here, and receive regular newsletters with updates on our work for refugees in Greece. After three months as a monthly donor, you have earned the right to vote at our annual meeting that we hold in spring.

Marith and Knut Søderholm Øien, Regular donors

«Anyone can become monthly donors, by not bying 3 cups of coffee at a café per month, and know that the money are beneficial for these people who are in need of everything. Clothing, shoes, blankets, education, and care. It is easy and most people can afford it.» – Marith and Knut Søderholm Øien, monthly donors.

Read more about our work here.


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