Want To Work as a Volunteer?



Registering as a volunteer

If you want to volunteer with A Drop in the ocean in Greece, you must register a profile. You do this by clicking “My Profile” in the menu above or by clicking Become Volunteer here.

To volunteer with us you need to accept our guidelines. These can be read here: Guidelines for Volunteers. After you have registered your profile in our system, you will be able to apply to volunteer. As soon as you have applied and been accepted for the time period and destination you have chosen, you will gain access to a Pre-Arrival group on Facebook.


Registration process step by step

  1. Register as a volunteer
    • Register as a volunteer in our system here.
  2. Complete the registration
    • You will receive an e-mail with a link to complete the registration.
  3. Update your profile
    • Fill in information about yourself in your profile
  4. Read and accept our Volunteer Guidelines.
    • To volunteer with A Drop in the Ocean you have to read and accept our guidelines. This is done in your profile.
    • You can read the guidelines here: Guidelines for Volunteers.
  5. Register to become a member here. *
  6. Apply for a trip
    • As a user in our system you can apply for a volunteer trip. You do this by clicking ‘Sign up for a trip’ in the menu on the left when you are logged into your profile.
    • After you have applied, we will after a short while let you know if the trip is accepted or not. NOTE: We do not accept volunteer trips more than three months ahead of time.
    • If your trip is accepted it is important that you make sure all of the information in your profile and your trip is correct and is updated if there are changes.
    • If your trip is not accepted, you can try applying for another destination or another time period.

*There are many expenses connected to creating a well-functioning apparatus around the volunteers who work in the camps. Additionally, there is a lot of administrative work to do to facilitate the volunteers’ trips. As of 2018 it became obligatory for all volunteers travelling with A Drop in the Ocean to register as a paying member. You can do this here, it entails a monthly payment of 100, – NOK (10€). You can terminate this payment once your volunteer trip is over, but of course we hope that most of you want to continue to support the work, and consider being a member as a valuable way of doing so. When you have the first meeting with your Coordinator in the field you need to bring a copy, screenshot or e-mail to confirm that you are a paying member.