How is it like to work as a volunteer for A Drop in the Ocean?

A Drop in the Ocean’s purpose is to provide immediate and direct aid to refugees. This is done by coordinating volunteers to travel to our destinations in Greece. Aid workers assist with the reception of refugees and working in the camps where refugees live. The tasks are constantly changing, depending on the needs of the various destinations. At the destinations, we work with organizations such as UNHCR, Doctors Without Borders, NRC, International Red Cross, etc.

A Drop in the ocean is currently present with volunteers on the island of Chios, in the Athens region and in Northern Greece. We always need more volunteers for our destinations, and especially desirable are volunteers who may stay at least two weeks.  As a volunteer, you choose the destination you would like to work at.

Read more about our destinations and the work we do here.

At all our locations you will be greeted by a coordinator, which provides training and organizes a team of volunteers. Volunteers with A Drop in the Ocean travel at their own risk. You must pay for travel, food and lodging yourself.

Volunteer coordinator 

To work as a coordinator for refugee camps in Greece offers versatile and different tasks. The main responsibility is to manage and coordinate the various refugee camps in Greece where A Drop in the Ocean operates.

Depending on the camp and the actual situation, some of the working tasks are distribution of food and non-food items, such as clothes and shoes. Participating and managing the warehouse logistics, as well as organising activities for children and women living in the camp.

Training of volunteers arriving the whole year and from different countries is one key responsibility. The coordinator is the official representative for the Drop in the Ocean at the specific destination and is also cooperating with other NGOs, UNHCR and local authorities.

For this position, background and experience from humanitarian work, primarily from areas in crisis is a huge advantage. In addition, solid experience from project management and team leading are important, as well as very good communication skill. You are service minded and have good abilities in general computer knowledge.

A coordinator for A Drop in the Ocean is travelling on his/her own responsibility.

Contact us for more information about the possibilities to contribute as a volunteer coordinator.

Do you have any questions?

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Your abilities:

A Drop in the Ocean has a particular need for health professionals, craftsmen, people with experience in psychosocial support professionals in maternity and infant care, language teachers, interpreters in Arabic, Persian / Farsi, Dari and Kurdish. Most important of all is still a helping hand and a good heart. We need you!

A Drop in the Ocean has no specific requirements for their volunteers, but has there are some wishes:

  • Older than 25 years
  • Can stay at the location for more than ten days
  • That you are ready to roll up your sleeves and lend a hand where needed. You must be prepared for long hours and unpredictability of work
  • That you, as far as possible, arriving either Monday or Thursday

If you want to volunteer with A Drop in the Ocean, you have to register a profile with us. You can do that by visiting My Profile in the top menu. Volunteer aid workers for A Drop in the Ocean must accept our Guidelines. Therefore, read through these before you book your trip. These can be read here: Guidelines. When you have registered as a volunteer, you can request a trip with us. As soon as we receive your registration we put you in a travel group on Facebook for the period you will be traveling. Read more about the registration process here.


The drop in ocean working in refugee camps where there is poor sanitation and where epidemics occur. We recommend that you contact either GP or vaccine office to check if necessary. Replenishing vaccinations before traveling.

After the trip

When you get home, it can feel a bit heavy to return to his «normal» life after helping people in a demanding situation. Your attitudes have changed. The drop in sea regularly puts up free workshop / group discussions conducted by our professional therapists at various locations in the country. Here’s an opportunity to meet other droplets that have worked voluntarily and share experiences. If you need immediate psychosocial support or assistance, we recommend that you contact your GP or community health.